Long time ago, a goblin laboratory was taken by its own AI deffenders and left for good. Nobody dared to enter since it was dangerous and dark.

Now, an adventurous tinkerer has created an exosuit for himself and an object that will alow him to make the light flow through all the lab. 

Your duty is to sort the  dangers, lighten the room and defeat the boss to regain control of the lab.

Go Ahead!


Your goal is to lighten the rooms, you do that directing a laser from the source to the door.

For that you have different types of beacons that bend the light.

Some beacons are  movable and others are not. To move a movable beacon you press space when close to one. 

The beacon could not be powered up. To power it up you have to find the power cells scattered around the rooms. To power the beacon up you use the keys 1, 2 and 3.

You can move using W, A, S, D

Watch the trailer here


The game is developed by a team of four:

Ricardo Loreto - Technical artist

Cristian Romero - Lighting and technical artist

Sergio Suja - Gameplay programming

Nerea Alamar - Gameplay programmer